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The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) was established in 1928 which has been responsible for the oil products’ supply and distribution over 80 years.
The NIOPDC with more than 8700 official staff and about 10 thousand unofficial staff and below facilities and infrastructure is responsible to provide management and oversight of the daily distribution of more than 240 million liters of petroleum products in the country:
•    37 zones
•    232 districts
•    92 depositories
•    3562 gas-stations
•    2239 CNG-stations
•    50 aircraft refilling centers
•    13000 tanker trailers to transport the oil products
•    8 tanker ships and floats
•    The four-product storing facilities with the capacity of 12.7 billion liters.
The Company's organizational structure has 9 managements including Human Resources, Finance, Commercial Affairs, International Affairs, Planning, Supply and Distributions, Fuel Smart System, Operations, Engineering, Projects and CNG Managements and also 9 direct  units including HSE, Legal Affairs, Inspection, Research and Development, Security, Internal Audit, Public Relations, Auction Commission, The bureau to prevent out-of-the-network distributions and the oil products smuggle combating.
Among the issues that are very significant for the Company, applying high-tech systems and customizing all of the operational and administrative affairs to get the upmost state and as the result to achieve the first rank of the oil products distributions in the Middle east.

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